I’ve always been inspired by these two photos seen on numerous blogs and pinterest. The thought of storing your shoes as if they were as precious as china? Yea. I’m completely going to do that.

So far, I’ve somewhat neglected our bedroom – mainly because it’s a room people are rarely in and I enjoyed the simplicity of having almost nothing in there. But now, it’s time. I want our bedroom to feel cozy and magical…which requires a bit of character. I found some character in this tiny bookcase…which I’ve been using as a bedside table in the puppies’ room [because dogs need bedside tables] to store all of my alice in wonderlands. I love how petite and old it is – the adorable legs!! It was perfect for my shoe cabinet/bedside table. Voila!

An entire wall of our bedroom is made of windows…which makes it almost impossible to photograph from this angle. However, the mornings in this room are magical.

My corner of the world

that middle shelf is my favorite – a girls gotta read!

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