f e l i c i t y

CONFESSION: I’ve become a bit of a tv junkie. Television suits my attention span better than films…much like books. I know I can put the book down and take a break, once I finish a chapter. Same with a tv show, I can watch episode after episode — almost equalizing to film lengths if I have time OR take a break when needed, like a book. But then, I discovered BINGE television. Utilizing Netflix and Hulu, I can start shows well into their fifth season from the very beginning, sans commercials. It’s absolutely thrilling and relieving knowing that I can start the next episode whenever I feel like it. No more waiting. I have zero patience.

I digress…I’ve started re-watching Felicity which aired 1998-2002 on the WB network. It apparently consumed my teenage years, yet the details are VERY fuzzy. I feel like I’m watching a show I never watched before, yet the characters are familiar. As for the plotline, that seems to have escaped me, entirely. Thus my urge to rewatch and NOW I’m positively hooked [or rehooked, rather].

One thing that has really stuck out to me is the wardrobe. LOTS of chunky sweaters and oversized coats. I love the minimal make-up and almost-granola grunge of the 90s. We listened to Alanis, watched Daria, and shopped at Journeys. As silly as it sounds, it is a representation of a period in my life where I was growing up. It is also a reminder of how old I’ve actually become. We used floppy disks, payphones, and cassette tapes. We used the phonebook to obtain phone numbers and went to an actual establishment to rent movies on VHS. I loved it, I miss it, and I’m happy to be re-living it through this show. HERE is a well-written article on all things felicity. Yay, pop culture.

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