i’d live here…M O N D A Y S

I start collections allllllll the time. Sometimes, it’s on purpose; but sometimes, it just happens. I suppose it stems from constantly surrounding myself in the world of antiques. I always buy what I love…but on repeat? 
So far,  I’m the proud collector of any and all books pertaining to the fictional character, alice, created by lewis carroll. I own over fifty different illustrated editions. I have also started a staffordshire dog collection [or at least I’d like to think I have?]. Sadly, I [currently] only own one, lonely pup…but he will have friends soon enough. I also unknowingly started a binoculars collection, which is growing increasingly…I just keep bidding on them in auction…help?
However, lately it has been alllll about the globes – which started with the first picture below. Now I see them everywhere…they’re haunting me. I’m hoping to start a collection and place them all in one, stowed location. I love the idea of them sitting up high on a shelf…

I’m hoping to spice things up a bit and originally purchase an all-white or all-black globe like the one pictured below. I’m aiming for a variety of colors and sizes, but I’m also wanting them all to be gently used and with a bit of history. What do you collect?

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