being grown-ups

This past week, my brother [a recent UT grad] moved back to Nashville and, coincidently, lives about one minute from our house. He is attending graduate school and has two roomies from UT that moved here with him. The house is an ultimate bachelor pad…and therefore needed a bachelor sofa. This is where I came in… 
When Billy and I decided to combine our lives and get hitched – this also meant that we combine our furniture. Slowly but surely, I’ve been weeding out the man-cave type items and selling them to potential buyers in yard sales, craigslist, etc. This originally hurt his feelings, but I’ve been selling a few of my own things as well. I wanted to make new purchases together so ”my” home would become more and more “our” home. One of my favorite rooms in our home is his office…that we’ve made extra manly for him. He’s back there the majority of the time.
I digress…
Needless to say, when my brother showed excessive interest in our man-cave sectional [which, let’s be honest, has seen better days], I jumped at the opportunity to sell and buy a new grown-up sofa! BEHOLD…our new cigar club sofa. 118 inches of tufted, cozy goodness. I wanted it in leather…but lets just say it was a bit out of our price range.
no, we did not buy the matching ottoman…although it IS quite cozy
We ordered the sofa in a chocolate brown color as opposed to the crisp off-white color shown in the photo. Let’s be realistic, we have dogs and although I plan on keeping them off the couch, we can’t take any chances. Plus, the brown will look perfect with our color scheme. 
Since the delivery will take two weeks, I’ve worked on re-arranging the living room to make space for our newest addition. I pushed the ottoman back to the wall for now so we’d have additional seating until the couch arrives. Plus, I needed to hide the nest of wires from our projector.
I yanked the old creepy valence down, FINALLY and bought a curtain rod to hang curtains in the living room. After seven years of being in this home…the windows are finally dressed appropriately. 
now, we wait…
While we were at Sprintz…I snapped some photos of other lovelies I wish I could squeeze into my home somewhere. I love all the distressed linen. Somebody buy these things.
Billy said this would look great at the end of our bed and I almost tackled him. He says the sexiest things, sometimes.
And finally, my brother and his friends on their “new” sectional…happy campers

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