i’d live here…M O N D A Y S [on thursday]

A few weeks ago, when we were in Rosemary Beach, my mom and dad went through the Coastal Living dream home tour. I was able to view the house from the outside, but had left Florida before they opened it up to the public. My mom, however, took pictures on her trusty droid and I JUST NOW had the opportunity to email them to myself and upload. Ah, technology. Please understand that these photos do not reflect my mother’s photography skills…the camera on the droids just aren’t as solid as they should be. I also apologize for the fact that there are random people in almost every shot. Lynny was/is too nice to tell others to kindly GET OUT OF THE WAY.

However, I digress…the house is absolutely amazing. I love the way the decorator thought outside the box in almost every, single detail. While I typically HATE theater rooms, this one is absolutely adorable AND cozy…without your typical bulky, leather armchairs with cup holders, etc. Also, the kitchen stuck out to me. I love the shelving in FRONT of the windows…brilliant.

 love the shape of this table…
textile/plates theme carried into the master bedroom
 Love the idea of the mirror hung in front of the window…
 outdoor dining area…a DREAM.

 I took no photos of the exterior…but this gives you a great shot of that gorgeous, sloping roof.
another kitchen shot.
 your not-so-typical girly bunk room. so, so cute.
 custom ping pong table…so cute.
 theater room! that is my handsome father, lounging.
 another angle!
concessions station. adorable.

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