Last year, I went to the holiday version of Porter Flea…and decided I should probably come back. I adore all things handmade and enjoy discovering new artists. Two of my favorite music poster guys were at the flea this year: A. Micah Smith and Andy Vastagh of Boss Construction. The entire event was sponsored by Etsy and held at Marathon Music Works – which was perfect. They also had a variety of food trucks lining the street outside. I ended up walking away with a few gifts for family and a few goodies for myself, as well :) 
[for wesley]
[DCXV = 615 in roman numerals]
This girl was from Charleston and was recently at Spoleto Festival…my sister met her there! Crazy. I ended up buying Diddy a present from her because her prints were so cute.
amazing to me. each piece of garland was watercolored…and she does custom work.
These were $350 each…wish I could have had any of the bottom three.

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