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A few weeks ago, Billy and I were coming home from running errands and noticed that my neighbor down the street was throwing out their basketball goal. It was originally on a stand and looked as though someone had hit the pole with their car, bending it.  It was in ROUGH shape…but I knew we could get it up and running again.We immediately put it in the back of our car and brought it home…planning to eventually mount it to our deck. After removing and discarding the bent pole, here is where it sat for a few weeks.

Because of Ryan’s job, our Saturdays to hang out together sometimes occur on a random Monday or Tuesday. He has showings mainly on the weekends…so yesterday was our Saturday for a project. We decided it was time to finally complete the basketball goal. So we began cleaning and prepping the goal for its transformation. I SWEAR by TSP for removing all gunk from items you’re eventually wanting to paint. In this case…it was necessary.

We ran to Home Depot to get supplies and were somewhat shocked at the small amount of materials needed to make this all possible: new hardware, four 2ft pieces of a 2×4, and our spray paint. We bought the wood clamps to hold the wood while drilling the 2x4s but wound up not even needing them. I’ll probably keep them anyway…

We knew we wanted the color scheme to be Vandy colors, so we opted for a black backboard with a white square + net. However, we painted the rim gold, along with the original “HUFFY” lettering located on the bottom left of the square. That took a lot of patience and an eventual trip to Michaels for a gold paint pen.

We attached it to the porch by simply putting a 2×4 on either side of the railing and tighting the bolts as tight as possible. It worked perfectly! My brother and husband played the first game of HORSE on it last night…SUCCESS!

The End

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