i’d live here…M O N D A Y S

I have a friend that just bought an amazing new home and he asked me to decorate. Honored, I took the job and we had a blast last week simply looking through the space and discussing his likes/dislikes. The problem we’re having is that I love everything old and with a story. He’s a bit more modern, but likes the occasional rustic pieces. I suggested that because his downstairs space is all very open, he use oversized pieces. This is an idea we can both agree on. He likes the look of restoration hardware and if you’ve ever been to my home, my artwork and lamps are all entirely too large for the rooms they’re in. I like that. Here are a few photos of oversized things that literally make my heart beat a bit faster.

Here is our first joint purchase – three stools from Southeastern Salvage. I LIKE.

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