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I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from Music City Auction…but now I’m back! I’ll be clerking more often and we’re also having the auctions more frequently! Now we’ll have Monday night auctions in addition to the Friday nights. Follow us on twitter @MusicCtyAuction for updates. Below are a few of my purchases from last Monday’s auction :)
We needed a bathroom mirror…so I bid on this Ford pump cover mirror and Billy loves it. It fits perfectly in our weird home. Love.
As soon as I saw this fridge, I immediately thought of how much room drinks take up in the fridge in our kitchen. Therefore, I bid on it…and won. Now we have a cute fridge on the porch for drinks and more room for our food in the other…serve yourself.
Finally, my sister is eventually going to open a restaurant…either here, or in Charleston and I’ve been doing a bit of picking for her. This flange sign will hang on the wall in her place someday :)

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