Over the past year, I’ve watched a tragic domino effect as bookstores in Nashville hit the decline – slowly losing one after the other. The only bookstores that seemed to have held on are the indie favorites – like Rhino, Bookman-Bookwoman, and Elders – all of whom specialize in used books. However, the demand for locating a new book and enjoying the instant gratification of finding one is slim to none. No longer are the days of heading to our local Borders to wander amongst the literature section only to choose a book based on cover alone [you know you do that. we all do that.]. Instead, we begrudgingly resort to Amazon…only to wait days for our purchases to arrive in the mail. 
And, don’t even get me started on the electronic readers! I may be old-fashioned, but I like to doggie-ear my books to mark my spot. I love to write occasional notes for my possible predecessor or occasionally underline lines I found extra clever. How might one do that on a kindle? It’s heartbreaking, really.
Therefore, you can imagine the PURE JOY I experienced whilst learning of a new independent bookstore that opened up in Green Hills – it was intense. This Monday, I finally began my search and found it, literally nestled amongst a nail salon and a sushi restaurant. Parnassus Books, you’re everything I’ve been missing. What’s not to love about you? Your upright piano? Your children’s section, complete with tiny doorway into a world of illustrations? You’re wonderful and we’re really glad you’re here.
wall of art books + doorway to children’s section
don’t you just want to crawl in there?
piano time
cute gift section…complete with alice cuff and other literary-inspired jewelry

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