hya cynthia

When my mother would visit in NYC, we would often catch ourselves wandering westward down Bleecker Street – wandering in an out of various boutiques and shops. Once we stumbled into Cynthia Rowley and it had the most beautiful smells going on in there. I asked the man working what smelled so lovely, and he told me it was the hyacinths he had in a vase on the counter. Sure enough, it was. They smelled amazing. I had never heard of these flowers before and he made a play-on-words so I wouldn’t forget: “it’s spelled like you’re saying hya to your friend cynthia” – clever. Luckily it always stuck with me. The other day, I was at Fresh Market with my mother and they had these sweet hyacinth bulbs for $4! Purchased. She’s already blooming :)

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