postcards: NYC 2012 [part 2]

NEW YORK. There is a certain camaraderie New Yorkers have with one another you can’t get anywhere else. The view from a New Yorker’s eyes is a bit haughty yet idiosyncratic from everyone else in the world. The rest of us are just idiots…or so they think. Yeah…it’s probably true.
Each year, New York Magazine releases their “Reasons to Love NY” issue. It lists 100s of reasons why this city will steal your heart…but a few of the reasons seem like “inside jokes” – mainly because you only seem to “get” the reason if you live there. Oh! How fun it was to be on the inside! Although I haven’t lived there in years, I still read each issue with beaming pride. I kept my subscription because, not only does it have some of the best writers out there, but it covers all things NY…and I love keeping up with the city that became a part of me.
With that said, one of the reasons I love NY…is you can live there for years and never see it all. There are so many bars, restaurants, and ever-changing venues on this tiny island…it is a new adventure each day. I forgot that I took these pictures of a tiny hole-in-the wall place called 169 Bar. Inside, we found a leopard print pool table, dinosaur taxidermy, and everytime you bought a PBR…you received a warm whiskey shot [yikes].

need this in my home :)

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