three favorite ladies

I absolutely think the blogs on my blogroll are the most inspiring of them all…ever. Not only do I follow various fashion and photography tumblrs and perhaps a few larger interior design, handmade creations, and typography blogs – but I also follow some of the best interior designers blogs out there. Specifically, Amber Lewis, Jenny Komenda and Jamie Meares.

I recently discovered this DIY that I’m attempting SOON over on Amber’s blog:

Also, Jamie is hilarious. She owns a very, very girly store own called Furbish – located in Raleigh, NC. On her blog, i suwannee, she posts updates about her store, dog, and all things she likes and loves. I’m never bored with her posts because she is so so funny. Her eye for upholstery and mixing prints is uncanny. Look at her recent post with photos from her office – love her collection of Hello Kitties :)
recent additions to her store – give me that chair on the right.

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