s p a c e s

This week, one of my best friends and roomie for the past two years moved out. I maybe quoted the line from friends where Monica starts crying and says, “…AND NOW I HAVE TO LIVE WITH A BOY!” about a thousand times. It has been sad because I know I’ll never have girl roomies ever again, but also exciting to prepare my house for Billy’s move-in date.

We knew we wanted to use Carlye’s old room across the hall as the guest room, so I went ahead and moved my entire bedroom into that room and we’re in the process of turning my old room with the gray walls and custom shelves into his manly office. As a real estate agent, he works from home a lot, so now he has man cave/office to escape to! I love it. My new bedroom has white wall and feels a lot brighter…I love the closet and my new headboard that I won at a recent auction for a mere $20 :) Here are some photos of the progress…

recent mask purchases from performance studios…in love.
wanna wear these all the time

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