g r e e n

A local nursery was closing its doors this week and I hit the jackpot with their 70% sale. I bought two indoor banana leaf-looking plants and two extremely large year-round topiaries for outside. I also bought a gorgeous, giant vessel for the front porch topiary. If I had purchased all of this greenery at regular price [I wouldn’t have], it would have cost me a small fortune or perhaps a mortgage payment. Happy girl.
all loaded up in my car!
large indoor plant!
tiny indoor plant
back porch spiral topiary
front portch topiary in my new pot! in love.
also bought this boxwood wreath that is supposed to last for up to three or four years!


  1. Love your trees. The outside ones can't stay outside when it gets down in the 20's. There roots will frezzzzzzzzzz and they will be die.

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