p o r t e r f l e a

A few months back I did a piece in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine on two girls that started an etsy-esque flea market in East Nashville called the Porter Flea. Their most recent jaunt was their holiday-themed flea. Not only was it sponsored by Etsy, but they had numerous food trucks and lots of amazing hand-made goods. I ended up buying a few things for my siblings for Christmas and perhaps a few prints for myself. Follow them on twitter @porterflea to learn more about upcoming events.
my porter flea tote made by the guys @friendlyarctic + my collection of business cards. if it’s sitting on the table, I’ll probably grab it – it’s a habit.
I bought these two child-inspired prints by Julianna Swaney. Framing them side-by-side. So cute.

hand-stitched ties by teeny tiny stitches
these leather goods were made by sixteen-twenty
this was made out of wood and I wanted it very badly…however it was $75
This is that dark kind of humor that probably only makes me laugh. These were called break-up cards and were created by Young Whale. Although billy and I aren’t breaking up ever…I had to buy it. It’s on my board and makes me laugh everytime I see it. 

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