i’d live here…M O N D A Y S

When it’s time to get creative…are you easily inspired by your surroundings? An office should be the room that best reflects you and all things that inspire you. How does your office space feel on a daily basis? Is it neat or messy? My desk varies and is always-changing. I would love to work in any of these wonderful rooms…
step outside if necessary…and give me that circus poster
love the use of a round dining table as a large, functional desk
on the other hand…simple, neat, industrial. I NEED that paper roll under my desk.

constantly surround yourself with beautiful things. for example, this curious mixture: a pot of exposed bulbs alongside a vintage rotary-dial phone
clearly this is a dining space…but I would love to see it used as an office. you had me at potted plants upon the ledge of a white, tiled wall. don’t even get me started on the sofa…

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