Apologies for the lack of posting this past week. Not only did I get engaged, but my birthday was this past Monday – and I couldn’t be more SPOILED. I’m spoiled. I have already grown tired of the word fiance and decided to thesaurus the word in hopes of a replacement. The best word choice I could locate was “intended”- as in, “I’d like you to meet my intended, Ryan.” It has a nice, drab ring to it that sounds a bit like myself…

Although many of my wedding details are unclear, I will say I’ve been quite efficient in the past week. I picked a date, a venue, and my wedding party. I registered at three locations [The Registry, Restoration Hardware, and Bed Bath & Beyond], and I typed out my tentative guest list. Specific details will come soon enough, however, here are a few photos from the best week of my life. Rountine postings to follow…

My mother and future-mother-in-law both bought me these ornaments from Hot Pink – they did this on separate occasions…not knowing the other was doing the same thing. I take this as a good sign.
dream cake-toppers…bought them for myself.
birthday/engagement flowers from the tomlins
my octopus artwork allll the way from Charleston – thank you,  diddy.
I hung it in front of my kitchen window…loves it.
Terrarium from Yarrow Acres…from Carlye and Rachel
Hopefully I can keep this beautiful thing alive…as it requires no care.
When Ryan proposed, he had my ring in a Nordstroms bag because he knew I wanted the MJ watch on the left. He’s so sneaky. After the ring and engagement, I assumed I wasn’t receiving the watch – which was TOTALLY okay. I’ll take my ring over a watch any day. However,  he got it for me anyway. KEEPING HIM.

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