alice inspiration board

When I lived in NYC, my bedroom was tiny and there wasn’t much room for my closet, let alone any inspiring items or furniture. I had been ripping out inspiring magazine pages forever, but had always stored them in books – which wasn’t very productive, as books are often forgotten on shelves. Therefore, I bought a giant bulletin board to hang over my bed to display all my findings. I spray-painted it gold to give it a bit of character and filled it with all of my favorites. By hanging the inspiring visuals on a board, my mind was constantly swirling with ideas and I loved the feeling. 
Sadly, I didn’t bring the board home with me, but recently began to miss the concept of it. So, I bought another board and spray-painted it gold like I did before, but this time added a twist. I ripped up an old copy of Alice In Wonderland that I had bought at the flea market a few years ago for $2 and decopaged the pages around the edges of the board. I thought it was a cool way to display one of my favorite pieces of literature, all the while, getting inspired. Neato.

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