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A few months ago, my uncle Jeff brought me a bunch of lamps my late grandmother had left with him. She used to own Hermitage Antique Mall and I unknowingly followed in her footsteps by starting my own booth with my mother at Gaslamp Antiques. I have sold a few of the lamps that I wouldn’t have used in my own home, but kept this ATLAS Mason lamp because I collect blue Ball masons and love drinking from the square ATLAS jars. I polled the audience about what to fill it with and decided to use matches. I felt like marbles or beans would have been too obvious of a choice and maybe a bit too Cracker Barrel. I like it.

My friend Heather ordered these industrial pendants from Schoolhouse Electric but ordered them in the wrong length so I bought them from her. I had been looking for new fixtures for a while now and these are extremely cool. You can’t tell in the pictures, but they have Edison bulbs inside them that gives them an extra vintage feel. Love.

And finally, I give you the sexiest lamp of all time. I bought it at Gaslamp where a dealer had originally bought it at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. I am guessing they had bought it and cut their losses when they were unable to return it. I scooped it up for half of the original price with the tags still hanging on it. I’m in love.

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