re-upholstering & painting chairs

I am truly lucky to have a mix of creative friends to swap skills with and possibly throw a dinner into the mix. Katie had Dillon, Ryan, and I over for a delicious pesto pasta night from basil she had grown herself! In addition to dinner, we productively re-upholstered 6 chairs and an ottoman and Katie also took Ryan’s real estate head shots. Now, Katie could have done this on her own, but I’m quite speedy at it and if she’s going to feed me, then kindly hand me the staple gun.

We used a rainbow-speckled linen fabric that I had about 8 yards of for the chairs and she found a burlap feed sack that was long enough to cover her bench-sized ottoman. We all worked together and got all seven pieces done in about an hour over a few glasses of wine. I love the way they turned out. I should have taken photos of her adorable kitchen…it is one of my favorites. Hooray for chair face-lifts.

Also, the past few days…I’ve been a painting fool. I am currently experimenting with a lot of chairs I won a few auctions ago. I think I obtained around 8 chairs and we’ve sold most of them, but I kept a few under my carport to paint and perhaps decopage. I liked the idea of a blunt, random-colored stripe going down the basic wood of this small chair. I’ll have to do some touch-up work…but I like it. We’ll see when I’m done.
Also, I bought these paper mache skulls from Michaels and plan on painting them white and eventually painting them like, you guessed it, dia de los muertos skulls. I’m obsessed. I just truly love the color and dark idea surrounding this ironic day of celebration. Needless to say, they were a $1 a piece and just in time for Halloween. I’ll probably place them in a decorative glass vessel and have it sitting on my dining room table for all to see. Updates soon enough.

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  1. Love those curvy chairs! I have recently purchased a feed bag with Arabic writing on it and was going to make it into a floor pillow but I'm lovin the bench idea.

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