postcards: Florence, AL

I may have been born in Prattville, but I don’t claim Alabama. My dislike is rooted by silly notions like…obnoxious Alabama football fans and cotton-picking racial references. However, I couldn’t have fallen harder than I have for this little cluster of towns. Florence, Tescumbia, Sheffield, and Muscle Shoals make Alabama all the worth while. If you love small town life…please visit this wonderful place. It isn’t too far down into the state…still very close to the TN border. I plan on making many more trips to come.


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  1. You are correct that Florence is a beautiful town. And they have an Italian Restaurant downtown that is out of this world. One thing though- I can think of many worse things to claim than being born in Alabama. As you proclaimed about the towns that you recently visited there are many surprises in the South, very unlike the way we are portrayed via the media.

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