we’re from the country and we like it that way

Today’s mainstream country music scene is anything but simple. It’s a hooplah of everything I dislike: rhinestones, cheesy lyrics, and terribly obnoxious fans [sorry but true]. However, although I prefer different music, I would absolutely consider myself to be a true country girl. I love Nashville and the music scene that has made it famously known as Music City USA. I love the Ryman Auditorium, The Stage, Tootsies, The Grand Ole Opry, and I’ll dance to just about anything that has a fiddle in it. I truly respect the country legends that were making music long before Jason Aldean was even born. However, lately, Bill has begun to influence me otherwise and maybe country music isn’t always about rhinestoned cowboy hats and sexy green tractors. Therefore, when we had the opportunity [thanks trazy] to attend the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday AND CMA Fest on Friday night…we leapt at the opportunities AND HAD THE BEST TIME EVER. I surprisingly knew a lot of the words to the songs. Love Lady A, love Sugarland…awesome.

CMT Music Awards

Wynona Judd and Kid Rock
dierks bentley is cute. 

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