supper + song

This week, I received the below invite from two of my favorite stores [imogene + willie and billy reid] for their weekly supper + song. I+W has supper and song every Thursday night where the Mas Tacos truck is parked outside and local artists perform their musical sounds. This week, on their ways to Bonnaroo, etc, they had Deer Tick, Apache Relay, AND Justin Towns Earle perform. This was my 3rd time to see J.T. Earle and he never gets old. This particular supper + song raised money for tornado victims in AL. They had special shirts made for the event and Billy Reid drove up from Florence, AL for the event. I definitely bought a shirt, had a few Sunshine beers, and enjoyed the ridiculously good and FREE music. Unbelievable Thursday night.

I+W belts
everyone’s patterns
flags :)
bought one of these guys
wonderful. need one of those.
justin towns earle wearing fantastic pants
one more night in brooklyn
my friend Ian wrapped my shirt all cute
the cutest boy ever…in suspenders

apache relay

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