I am involved in a vicious hair cycle that happens over a span of about three to four years. I grow my hair out really long, it gets too long and I can’t do anything with it except tie it into a knot. Therefore, I drastically cut it off…cry my eyes out, and wait another three years for it to grow back to its original length [which is a long enough time for me to get sick of the length…so I cut it and cry….etc]. 
I’m currently in the part of the cycle where it is so long, all I ever do is tie it into a knot. I want to cut it or do something to make me not hate it as much so I’ve begun saving ideas and fun braids, etc to try. Here are a few cute ideas.

my oh my I love this color
cutest short hair I’ve seen in a while
braid ribbon into the braid :)
still considering this chop…

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