B E A U T Y e x t r a v a g a n z a ! !

Welcome to my BEAUTY EXTRAVAGANZA post! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now but never really had the time to take pictures of all the products and discuss each one. However, since today is so gloomy out, I figured it would be a good day for it. I love hearing about new products and people’s favorites that they use regularly, so I thought I’d share the stuff I swear by. I don’t wear a lot of make-up or ever really “style” my hair but if I’m in need of such things, these are the products I know work. Once you find something that works for your hair type or sensitive skin, etc…you stick with what you know works…


I had known about mustela diaper rash creme from when my mother used it for Ella, but found out about the face wipes while living in New York. Fortunately for me, the drug store below my apartment carried them. They are the best for taking off make-up at the end of the day. They have a sweet, lemon smell to them and I feel fresh after using them. Cosmetic Market used to be the only store in Nashville that carried them, but now TARGET carries Mustela! Hooray!
Luckily, I’m not one of those people that has to wash their face everyday, but I definitely need to exfoliate once a week. I have really dry skin so as long as I’m getting rid of dead skin cells, my face feels great. These are awesome to keep in the shower. Be sure not to over-use – they’ll make your face feel raw.
For the longest time I jumped around with moisturizers and finally settled on this. I love the orange/citrus smell it has, plus it moisturizes enough without making me feel greasy.
If I exfoliate, I immediately apply toner when I get out of the shower. Toner closes up your pores so, you can put lotion, make-up, etc without clogging them up. Toner can really sting, but Kiehls makes this Rosewater Toner that is very easy on the skin. Perfect.

I despise almost all shaving creams because of their obnoxious “flavors” – therefore, I love this Aveeno gel because it has the slightest scent of oatmeal or soy but nothing too strong. It simply gets the job done and I like that.
I cannot even begin to describe this scent, but it is how I would want my baby to smell. I found it when L’occitane opened their tiny store on Bleecker just a few buildings down from mine. I wandered into the store and talked with the salesman for a while before I finally decided on this almost-scentless spray. I rarely like wearing perfume so I put it on if I want to almost smell like nothing but also smell fresh. This is a STAPLE in my travel/make-up bag. Did I mention I like baby products…?
Best smelling lotion ever – can’t get enough of it. If I put this on, there is no need for perfume.


My hair is, by no means, curly. It has an annoying wave to it that needs to be controlled. Often times, I will put a tiny dollop of this into my wet hair if I know it will be air-drying “wavy” to give it a bit more control. I love this product because it doesn’t give my hair that crunchy, wet look most “curly-haired” products do. You know what I’m talking about…
Best non-hairspray hairspray. Polar opposite of AquaNet. Just enough hold…no molding.
I hate showering because of how long it takes for my hair to dry. Therefore,  I often pass on the hair washing portion every few days or so. This stuff gets rid of the grease long enough to tide me over until the following day. Pssssst! Our secret!
I may have dry skin, but I have greasy hair and, therefore, I do not use conditioner. I don’t even buy conditioner anymore. I know that sounds crazy, but I just can’t. One day, I found this lovely substance that you apply to the tips of your hair after showering. That way, I avoid split ends without conditioning my entire head. It also smells really, really nice. 
The drug store that was below my NYC apartment was called Avignone and it was a boutique drug store. They only carried the best products – including this Mason Pearson brush. I could only afford the small version if that gives you an inclination as to how much it was priced. However, I don’t brush my hair too often [about once a week] so this little one does the trick.

My parents recently flew to Australia for their 30th wedding anniversary AND the Australian Open. Quantas gave their first class fliers these make-up bags and Lynny brought me one. I hardly wear any make-up so this little bag perfect for my tiny amount of make-up basics. I love it.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I have dry skin. So instead of applying foundation, I use tinted moisturizer instead. It is much lighter and gives me a glow before I even apply bronzer. I use Laura Mercier because it has spf 20 included in the wonderfulness and it is oil-free.
I’ve tried many a bronzers before landing on this one a few years ago. Tarte in “hotel heiress” tint fits my greenish skin tone perfectly without making me look like I’ve been laying in a tanning bed. I also love the packaging :)

So I clearly like Laura Mercier and chose her concealer in addition to her tinted moisturizer. The reason this product is so convenient is because it comes with two colors you can mix and match to create the perfect color for your ever-changing skin tone. My skin color definitely changes throughout the year but I don’t have to buy new concealer when it does.

My lips are naturally dark and can sometimes look blue if I don’t put color on them.  Browns usually work best with my hair/skin so this Kat Von D for Sephora in the color “Mi Vida Loca” is my absolute favorite. Once it is applied, it stays.

If I’m not wearing color, I have to have something for moisture [dry skin = dry lips] . When I was in London back in 2005, my friend Amy and I fell in love with their drugstore brand, Boots. I ended up buying tubes and tubes of this Strawberry Lipsalve before leaving and eventually ran out. I returned in 2007 and stocked up once more…only to run out again. Finally, Amy went back in 2010 and bought me a bunch more but I’m thinking a repeat trip to London for chapstick is in order, yes?
I personally think all mascara is all the same. I usually buy my mascara from the drug store, but I’m currently using this tiny tube of Estee Lauder because it came in a gift purchase. I’ve grown to like it a lot.
Poor Gisele only had a few lines in the Devil Wears Prada…and one happened to refer to this Shu Uemura eyelash curler. As silly as it sounds, it is worth the purchase. I’ve had this one for years and it works the same as the first day I bought it. You will never buy a Revlon eyelash curler again after using one of these babies.
My biggest splurge. My Chanel, black eyeliner. I use it when I need to be fancy and make my eyes all big. Bill bought it for me two Christmases ago and this is what is left. Shows how much I get all fancy, huh? Totally worth the $42


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