works of art

I recently updated my ipod which is something I haven’t done in a while. I download music regularly but, because I never remove it from my car, my ipod is behind on the times [all of the time]. My favorite part about new music [besides the actual music] is the cover art. I love scrolling through cover flow and looking at all the beautiful album artwork. I’ve noticed that most pop and hip hop music have mediocre album covers [typically a picture of the artist, perhaps laying on an automobile?]. Therefore, instead of such covers messing up my beautiful coverflow, I promptly replace such nonsense with some sort of art or photo I find on the internet. I look for photos much more pleasing to the eye. I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to sketches and actual painted covers as opposed to photography. Watercolors have always been a favorite. This week, Fleet Foxes had their album leaked and I can’t get over the cover art. It’s beautiful. The album is very sleepy to me [in a good way]. It makes me want to lay in a hammock and soak in some sunshine.

Here are some other past album artworks I’ve enjoyed…HAPPY MONDAY!

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