duck in a cup

This week has been a very odd week of purchases. We had an auction last Friday and Bill got into an intense bidding war resulting in the purchasing of a large 1 1/2 chair + ottoman. For those of you unfamiliar with this 1 1/2 business…it is an armchair that can basically fit two people. It is huge. I hated it at first because of its cumbersomeness, but I spent about an hour in it on Saturday…and now we’re quite in love with each other. I also bought other furniture items and this tiny, glass donald duck bottle. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with it…but it’s quite cute sitting in this cup for now.

roses from my sweet man on valentines hung out to dry :)

Also this weekend, Rachel and I jumped back into our routine of visiting estate sales on Saturday mornings. The first sale we went to was creepy and astonishingly full of estate sale vultures. The old man had an obnoxiously large collection of toys and had turned his would-be “man cave” into a general store to display all his toys. As we were making our way out of this creep-fest, I noticed a deer about 50 yards out in the yard.

I jokingly [in all seriousness] asked if the deer was for sale and it was! I jogged out to the guy only to find out that it was made out of complete concrete and priced at $60. I haggled the man down to $25 and left the sale in hopes of finding someone to help me lug this guy out of there. 
I returned with the two brothers Long and we finally got the 300 lb beast into the vehicle. There he stayed for three days because I was too scared of breaking him upon removal but we finally got Fatty [his new obvious name] into the Burlap Rabbit yesterday. This is where he will remain until some unfortunate soul chooses to purchase him. If that ever happens…
here’s a shoddy blackberry photo of Fatty in his new Burlap Rabbit home 

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