postcards: brussels, amsterdam, and paris

Let me start off by saying…it’s COLD outside.  I know, I know…it’s cold everywhere.  No point in complaining to you people…  BUT…as I sit here in my freezing apartment, I realize I’ve been here for almost a year.  It was a year ago when Lauren and Wesley tied the knot (congrats, by the way) and Liz and I decided to spontaneously book our flights up here.  New York has been an amazing rollercoaster of a journey and there are no words to describe how much I love this town. 

Where have I been? I’ve been collecting passport stamps – it’s a hobby of mine.  After my Welsh excursions through the countryside, I finally landed in Belgium.  My dear friend, Stephen Vaca, has family in Brussels (his parents) and was visiting them over the holidays.  I simply imposed myself upon them for a week…and it was fantastic.  We ate waffles, celebrated the start of 2009, and ice skated?  Brussels is truly a melting pot…more so than New York.  I love how any language will more than likely work there.  I also love that you can buy escargo like you can buy hotdogs on the street (although I didn’t attempt it).  

just chillin in a shoe! (amsterdam)
After a few days in Brussels, Vaca and I got restless and we made two short trips to Amsterdam and Paris.  In Amsterdam, we did the typical “hop-on, hop-off” bus tour and toured the Heineken Brewery!  I also went to a bar made completely out of ice.  Even our glasses were made of ice!  Amsterdam was neat…I wish there were more windmills and wooden clogs!  Paris was unbelievable.  Everything there was so grandios and luxurious.  As much of a hard time as we give French people for being “stuck up” and rude…they sure do know  how to live.  I find them very interesting people. I would have loved to stay there for weeks.  

me and the eiffel tower!
After I returned from Europe, I stayed in Nashville for a wedding and returned to the big city on Monday!  I’m now working on gathering the proper ingredients to recreate my favorite sammy from Brussels: Croque Madams!  YUM. Times to get back into the swing of things…

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