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Hello everyone! I’ve been a bad blogger lately…but that is probably due to the fact that I am currently located in Brussels, Belgium!  HOWEVER…let me back-track.  On the 18th, I finished up working at Betsey Johnson and flew home to Nashville for the holidays.  Christmas in Nashville was amazing.  I had an entire week and a half of family time which was just what I needed.  I went dove hunting, ate a LOT of comfort food and hung out with Lynny.  However, this year was a different-feeling Christmas. I can’t quite put my finger on the reasoning for this but perhaps it was because I was only visiting Nashville as opposed to living there?  Plus, Lauren and Wesley weren’t there and Katelyn was gone to Honduras the majority of the time…helping kids or some nonsense? (selfish, really.)  I’m kidding…

So where I’ve been? For Christmas, I asked for a plane ticket.  Well…actually, two plane tickets: one to London, and one from Brussels back to Nashvegas. Here’s the current update on my travels: December 26th, I flew to London and arrived at Heathrow at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, the 27th.  I then, took a 2-hour train ride to Cardiff, Wales.  This is where I met up with my friend Chris, and his roommate, Ambler.  From Cardiff, we drove 3 hours to Aberyswynth which is a small university town on the western shore of Wales.  Beautiful, really. I stayed in Aber and Tregaron (an even smaller town outside Aber where my other friend, Dylan, lives) for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  

chris, me, dylan in aber
Aber/Tregaron were unreal.  Probably two of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen.  There were sheep EVERYWHERE.  Literally…everywhere.  What I loved about the location of the city is that it had the beauty of the ocean combined with the amazing views of hills. There were random castles everywhere and the city seemed to be growing all the more attractive with age. Besides the views, I had so much fun with the people.  Dylan and Chris were two of my friends I met while they temporarily lived in NYC playing rugby.  I had kept up with them after they left and thought that a brief pit-stop in Wales wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  For once, I was the random person with the weird accent…which was interesting.  I could have possibly been the only American for miles.
oliver, andrew, me, james, ambler, sparrow, dylan
On Monday, I rode to London (Wimbledon) with my other friend Oliver Torri.  It was a 5-hour journey and I was exhausted when we reached his flat.  We watched Ricky Gervais’ stand-up on tv and then I crashed.  Tuesday morning…I woke up at 5 and caught a 2 hour train to Brussels.  I’m now residing with the Vaca family who have been nice enough to take me in for the next week.  Tune in next time for tales of Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam with the one and only Stephen Vaca! Hope everyone has a happy new year! Happy Birthday, Diddy!

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