First of all…HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY LOUGER…you’re my favorite (I know I’m a day late but I was sleepy last night and didn’t have time to blog. deal with it and quit whining.) Second of all, LOOK WHAT WAS PARKED OUTSIDE MY APARTMENT LAST NIGHT!!!! (it’s the cash cab in case you were wondering…) (and NO I didn’t try to jump in – only losers would jump into the cash cab by themselves…) (plus it’s super illegal…)

On an extremely thankful note, I flew home this past weekend for five days of countrified fun. And boy, was it!  I landed at BNA and was immediately whisked away to Droptine Farm for time with yummy food and deeply-missed family (plus some added phase ten and skeet shooting).  I fell in love with a firearm (16 gauge shotgun with vintage ducks down the side), rode four-wheelers,  and ate lots of turkey.
The remainder of my stay in Nashville was a combination of BA buddies (LU people were outta town) and Lynny+Johnny!  I flew home on Sunday which took approximately 6 1/2 hours ( I could have flown to the UK in that time).  Ridiculous.  Whatever though, I was happy to have been home if only for a while.

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